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Springtime in Cleveland: top 25 to-do’s


Today is the official start of spring! (We know it doesn’t feel like it, but, promise, spring has arrived!) To get you in a warm weather mood, we’ve drafted a “Cleveland spring checklist.” Please share your favorite spring to-do’s with us on social media #SpringtimeinCle.

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Spring livin’ suggestions: embody your favorite fashion icon


Alright – we are in the final stretch of winter. (We promise!) Only 3 more days ’till it is officially spring. To help you get ready for the season, we are sharing our spring 2014 suggestions – drawing inspiration from Women’s History Month, of course!

With a change of season, comes an obvious change in wardrobe. But the transition from winter to spring in Cleveland can be tough. Remember when it snowed on Easter? Audrey Hepburn, Beyonce, Billie Holiday, China Machado, Coco Chanel, Diane von Furstenberg, Marilyn Monroe … and the list goes on … we’re continuously inspired by influential women in fashion. Here are our favorite looks from a few female style icons to help get you from winter to spring.

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Spring livin’ suggestions: get outside, get moving


Alright – we are in the final stretch of winter. (We promise!) Only 4 more days ’till it is officially spring. To help you get ready for the season, we are sharing our spring 2014 suggestions – drawing inspiration from Women’s History Month, of course!

This winter has been the toughest season Cleveland’s endured in a long time. And the mildness of the past two winter’s hasn’t helped. Our bodies weakened, leaving us with one defence mechanism – hibernation. We have good news. Spring is only four days aways. Promise. Say it with us, ‘FOUR DAYS AWAY’!

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Internship Ideas for PR & Marketing Majors


I’ll never forget my internship experience. When I first set foot into the news department at WKYC-TV, I was an eager, wide-eyed, twenty-one-year-old college student ready to experience the hardboiled world of journalism. My first day, I had the chance to go undercover with a veteran reporter. Were we delving into the latest crime mystery? Not exactly. I was actually invited to join the consumer reporter to test out jean sizes in various stores (seeing if a size 2 at Target was different from a size 2 Nordstrom).

From my first day to the end of the second semester as an intern in the news department WKYC-TV, I jumped at every opportunity I was offered. The real world experience I achieved continues to help me as a marketing and public relations professional today. Northeast Ohio  is a treasure trove of internship opportunities for PR & Marketing majors. Here are some PR and Marketing focused internship ideas based on your interests.  Whether you’re an activist, arts and culture enthusiast, news junkie or a creative corporate – Cleveland has an opportunity for you!

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College in CLE: Cultural Cuisine

You may know of my wanderlust or read about my interminable desire to explore the vast cultural culinary dishes this world has to offer. Well, after visiting The Algebra Tea House, I had an idea to dine out once a month with a group of friends at a new ethnic food restaurant.

I’ve been craving Indian ever since I returned home from London this summer. The UK offers the most expansive Indian delicacies (outside of India, of course) due to their deep roots in the spice trade centuries ago. So, it was a must that our first group outing was to the Taj India Palace.

I won’t lie, when everyone sat down, we realized we had absolutely no idea what to order. It was luck that recent Ursuline graduates Brandi McCormick and Cossette Ghanem were dining out and gave us some wonderful tips. They suggested we order the Thali & Masala Dosai. The food was absolutely phenomenal and we ended up having a group share of all the dishes. I find it incredibly interesting how flavorful Indian food can be. I’ve experienced nothing like it!

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Winter Break… On a Budget

So it’s happened, Christmas and New Year’s have finally come… and now passed.

I know I’m thinking, “What on Earth do I do for the next few weeks before my life is ruled by my planner and consumed with school again.”

Well, here’s a few fun, exciting and most importantly inexpensive things to do in the Cleveland area over break:

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College in CLE: Behind the Screen at the Cinematheque

Here’s your hookup on anything underground, foreign, alternative and classic.

The Cinematheque. 

I’ve seen the theater’s film schedules hanging on Ursuline’s corkboards all three years I’ve attended Ursuline College. I’ve even leafed through it to check out what foreign films I could catch on a lazy day. But, I’ve never actually made it to the Cinematheque just recently. Let me tell you, I was missing out!

Located inside the Cleveland Institute of Art, The Cinematheque is a 616-seat theater showing everything from experimental films like Scorpio Rising to Ninotchka, a revived classic. Most films are shown in their original format – off 16 and 35 mm film.

I was actually able to explore the projection booth while Tom, the man in charge of running the film, prepared for the next movie. Talk about a cool experience; actually seeing a show start by counting down 5-4-3-2-1 took me back to what it must have been like before DVDs and Internet streaming. Tom used to run film back in the day at Brush High School, where students could pay a nickel to view 20-minute movie segments during lunch.

The Cinematheque – Behind The Screen from Ursuline College on Vimeo.

Here’s an interesting tidbit – Charles Brush (yes, the namesake of Brush High School) refined the arc light, creating an effective lighting system that enabled us to have film projection and high energy light sources. How about that for Cleveland born!

John Ewing started up The Cinematheque 27 years ago. You can still see him running the show each night. He personally picks each movie shown throughout the week. I’m pretty happy with his wide variety of films that you probably wouldn’t see at Regal or Cinemark. I watched a brilliantly directed film featuring actors like James Franco and Amanda Seyfried (who starred in Mean Girls, Red Riding Hood and Mama Mia).

Admission is only $6.00 for those 25 and under. There’s free parking available and even free movie posters when you first enter the actual theater. There’s definitely no reason not to check out the Cinematheque during down time in the week or on the weekends.

Just so you know, they only accept cash or check!





College in CLE: Coventry

Coventry – 6.8 miles away, 15 minutes on a good day.

We’ve been in school for a little over 8 weeks nows.. but have you hit up this eclectic hot spot during the day? It’s true, our campus partakes in a mass exodus every Thursday night to Coventry. We all whip out our bandeaus and crop tops and off to City & East we go! But, did you know that there’s more to Coventry!? LOTS MORE!

This half mile strip consists of loads of healthy / vegetarian / & ethnic eats, coffee shops, bookstores, lounges and pubs, vintage record stores, a toy store, bohemian / hippie-esque boutiques and a variety of hipster / American-made / and vintage clothing shops!

A not so comprehensive list of Coventry:

Tasty Eats: 

Tommy’s – Wonderful for the vegan or vegetarian.. My personal favorite is their falafel, milkshakes, or smoothies. (Meat options are available to those carnivores.)

Dave’s Cosmic Subs – Rock N Roll + Graffiti from floor to ceiling. I always, always get Dave’s Famous Italian Sausage. Bring a Sharpie to leave your mark (it’s A-Okay with Dave).

Bodega - Want to finally wear that little black dress? Perfect for this chic restaurant and lounge! Definitely check out their website for daily specials – I had a 3 course meal with a beverage for $30 once!

BD’s Mongolian BBQ – Definitely an exciting and Interactive Stir Fry. If you like egg, add that to your bowl & watch the cooks do some pretty creative ways to crack it on their giant frying table – without using their hands! Also, if you bring your Ursuline ID it’s $10.99 for all you can eat!

Other restaurants include: High Thai’d, The Doghouse, Jimmy Johns, Tree Country Bistro, Chipotle, Hunan Coventry, Grums Sub Shop, The Inn on Coventry, Phoenix Cafe, and Pacific East.


Passport to Peru – Step inside another world almost! You’ll be mind blown by all the awesome and totally out-of-the-norm threads, jewelry, shoes, cable-knit alpaca scarves, bags and more. I bought my mama a pair of brightly colored, wool muk-luk slippers for $12!

Avalon Exchange – Buy, Sell, or Trade your clothes and accessories to always update your style. You’ll never know what you will find in this gem of a store. I fancy their awesome array of sunglasses and top hats!

Big Fun Toy Store – A whirlwind of colors when you first walk in. You can spend hours checking out their vintage toys and collector’s items… along with odds & ends clothing, humor items, bumper stickers, stick on mustaches, crazy hats and lots more. I always end up grabbing a few fun props from around the store and hopping in the photo booth! It’s the best part, in my opinion.

Record Revolution – Mix of vinyls, vintage clothing, jewelry (body jewelry too), posters, incense, band t-shirts, CDs, and much more. Their outside display case is definitely something to look out for!

Other places to shop include: City Buddha, American Apparel, Attenson’s Antique & Books, Next, Utrecht, Sunshine Too, The Exchange, Mac’s Backs and Coventry Cats.

So there you go, this is Coventry in a very short wrap up. Go explore! Also, please feel free to leave a comment about any cool places you stumble across!








College in CLE: The Algebra Tea House

After exploring Europe for two summers in a row, I’ve become kind of finicky about finding new and exciting places to visit in dear old Cleveland. I can appreciate going out to eat at Applebee’s but sometimes I just crave a little culture and some spice in my life.

That being said, the first time I stepped foot in The Algebra Tea House all of my cravings for art, culture and a healthy but hearty ethnic meal were abundantly filled.

Now don’t be dismayed by your feelings for math just yet. Although I come from a family where my mother not only drinks tea on the regular but also knows math facts like a wizard, I have neither a taste for Tea nor Algebra. It’s true, the Algebra Tea House offers 22 different flavors of tea BUT I was particularly drawn to their Middle Eastern dishes and the Bohemian atmosphere. They offer lunch and dinner throughout the week and brunch on the weekends (if you’re so inclined to wake up before 1 pm).

As a college student, I’m practically living day to day on a dime but I couldn’t even disagree with how inexpensive a platter of hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers or olives and a warm pita was. Not to mention, I had to grab a Java milkshake, which only added up to $10.98.

Cool things to know before you go:

- All of the wood (tables, chairs, window beams, doors, cutting boards, etc.) is handmade from local suppliers.

- Drinks come in quirky ceramic mugs, created in the art studio down stairs. (You are are able to purchase them as well!)

- There are very cool and somewhat abstract artworks hanging on the walls that Ayman, the owner, made himself!

- You MUST check out the bathroom. No joke! It is just as interesting as the rest of the cafe.

- There are various board games that will bring back your childhood; as well as sketchbooks when you are feeling artsy – all at your disposal!

- Sometimes there’s pistachios on the counter for customers to snack on. (There’s always old-school coca-cola in the vintage fridge for you to sip on and get a sugar rush from!)

I’ve been to the Algebra Tea house probably 6 or more times now, always staying between 2-3 hours, simply because of the great atmosphere, interesting people I meet and the fact that there is so much to look at. I never want to leave…

The Algebra Tea House is located at 2136 Murray Hill Rd, Cleveland, OH. You can also reach the tea house at (216) 421-9007.

Check back soon for spiffy places to see in Coventry!














































































































College in CLE: Halloween Hotspots

Want a little fright in your life? Check out these Halloween hotspots in the Cleveland area. Everything from cornfield mazes, haunted schoolhouses and zombie paintball – just a short drive from Ursuline’s campus.


7 Floors of Hell – 31 minutes from Ursuline

7 haunted houses & the Monster Midway

[Body snatchers, House of Nightmares, Zombie Apocalypse, Clown House, Blood Barn, Killer Theater & the Mental Ward]

General Admission $25.00


Carnival of Horrors – 36 minutes from Ursuline

Insane asylum (cage maze), the Fun House, Freak-show in 3D Terror vision, the Wicked Woods

Full admission to all four events $19.00, $23 for speed pass to jump lines (free parking)



Bloodview – produced by Legion of Terror – 31 minutes from Ursuline

3 attractions

Admission $15, all night pass $20



Haunted Schoolhouse & Haunted Laboratory – 40 minutes from Ursuline

7 floors of combined terror between in former Thomastown Elementary School and previous owned University of Akron’s aeronautical experiment laboratory

$14.00 for single haunt or $26.00 for combo ticket. Free parking


Hauntville - 44 minutes from Ursuline

$16.00 general admission for 3 haunts, $4 discounts on their website

Cellblock D, Psycho manor, Wicked Clowns in 4D

$20 for 3 haunts and Zombie Hunt in 3D (zombie PAINTBALL)


Cedar Point Hallo Weekends – 1 hr 20 minutes

Mazes – Eden Musee, Eternity Infirmary, Zombie High School, Boeckling’s Eerie Estate

Scare Zones – Blood on the Bayou, Carnevil, Cut Throat Cove, Fear Faire, Cornstalkers, Manical Mechanical Screamworks

Shows – Gypsy Fortune Tellers, Halloween Hullabaloo, Sideshow Carnival Magic, the Edgie of Madness: Infernal Nightmare, Skeleton Crew

And Rides!

Starlight tickets online – $38.99